Weight loss pillsHello and welcome to my blog dedicated to weight loss pills.

My name’s Caroline, I’m 33 years old, mother of three-year old girl, living in Newbridge, England. I wanted to share my experience with weight loss pills with as many people as possible and so I’ve created this blog.

I’ve tried many weight loss supplements in the past and the usual result was me getting back the weight I lost, after a few weeks off the supplement. I would normally lose overall 5-7 pounds over a period of four weeks but once I went off a supplement, be it an appetite suppressant or a fat blocker, I would immediately gain back the weight.

A friend at work finally tired of my weight gain nagging and told me about weight loss pills.

As she said, Nicola Mclean and Roxanne Pallett have been using it along with other celebrities such as Chantelle Houghton to lose weight as it allegedly helps burn 278 calories per day before, during and after exercising.

That was almost a year back. I confess, when I did my research on weight loss pills I haven’t seen anyone personally using it and seeing results. The sites out there just gave general reviews but there were no real reviews from people who tried it.

As I’ve been on supplements that didn’t work before, I wanted to be 100% sure weight loss pills could help me lose weight and not gain it back. So, after thoroughly researching weight loss pills, its ingredients and research conducted on it, I was convinced to try it myself.

How Testosterone Booster Works

Testosterone Booster contains the exclusive active substances which resemble the action of Methandrostenolone, also famous under the name of Dianabol. This medication is a predecessor of steroids. Testosterone Booster gives a strong boost to nitrogen retention which makes it possible to ensure the greatly elevated anabolic state. As a result, impressive new muscle development takes place very quickly. Muscle strength also increases.

Testosterone Booster is known for its ability to assist muscle tissue in grabbing much more nitrogen. Actually, nitrogen plays a role of building material for the creation of protein molecules. In such a way, the protein synthesis happens. The amount of protein has a direct influence on the possibility of muscle size increase. Due to this, muscles grow and recover naturally much faster than usually.

Testosterone Booster considerably enhances protein metabolism, boosts muscle strength, and promotes unbelievable muscle gains. That’s why this product enjoys a great popularity among the customers.

Testosterone Booster is comprised of such well-working amino acids which trigger the mechanism of HGH secretion. As a result, lean muscles substantially grow, fat storages quickly melt, and time needed for the muscle recovery decreases.

So, Testosterone Booster gives you a wonderful opportunity to naturally activate human growth hormone production and hence enjoy a number of advantages. That is, you will be able to achieve better lean muscle gains, reduce body fat percentage, and make the recovery period much shorter.

What doe Weight loss pills do?

Weight loss pills owe its weight loss power to capsicum, an extract derived from red peppers, said to increase metabolism and suppress the appetite. So when you consume it your appetite is smaller than usual and your body burns energy much better than before.

According to studies conducted Capsicum extract boosts your metabolic rate. What this means is that when consumed, capsicum urges your body to burn more calories and energy that it would normally do. As a result, less energy is turned into fat and you become leaner because your metabolism works efficiently.

In fact, a study has shown that people taking wight loss tablets burn 278 more calories during the day than people who didn’t take it. An amount that translates in over 1200 burned calories per week. My experience with Weight loss pills

I started taking Weight loss pills tablets last December. With my initial weight of 147 pounds I wanted to lose at least 5-7 pounds before New Year’s but my weight loss was almost insignificant. I lost only 3,74 lbs in 4 weeks. I was actually about to toss yet another bottle in the bin, but I felt that I might as well give it another try, so I decided to finish the pack.

Despite being on holidays and all I was conscious of my eating because I really wanted to see if it was working. With all those mouth-watering holiday dishes and desserts I noticed that I didn’t have the normal appetite I used to have, which I think was a defining factor in my weight loss success later on.

Mid January and I was already seeing some more promising results: in two weeks I lost 3,52 pounds.

I was of course super excited and so I got myself another pack. The next two weeks I was feeling very good and energetic, mostly because of my latest weight loss achievement. The eighth week I lost an additional 4,84 lbs, which cumulatively meant I’ve lost 22 pounds in two months. For someone with a stubborn metabolism such as mine, this was a big deal!

My spirits were really high, especially because I knew I found a supplement that was working for me. Weeks 11 and 12 passed really fast. I hopped on the scales and to my utter excitement, I was already 4,62 pounds lighter.

After three months of diligently taking weight loss pills and exercising twice a week for 30 minutes, I lost 23,15 pounds which is more than I ever was able to lose with other dietary supplements.

Here’s an overview of my weight loss tracking.

Week 2 1,98 lbs

Week 4 3,74 lbs

Weeks 6 3,53 lbs

Week 8 4,84 lbs

Week 10 4,4 lbs

Week 12 4,62 lbs

The side effects

While I was still in the researching phase I’ve read plenty of reviews by other weight loss pills users. The reviews had contradictory results. Others would call weight loss pills fat burner a miracle pill and the holy grail of weight loss, while other would warn people to stay off it as it has nasty negative effects like stomach irritation and sleep disturbance.

I’d say that my experience with weight loss pills has been a very pleasant one. It helped me lose weight by giving me more energy and motivation to exercise, it curbed my hunger cravings significantly, and although I couldn’t actually feel it, I guess it had positive impact on my metabolic process, how else where all these kilos lost!

At first, I was taking weight loss pills with lunch and I found that I had trouble dozing off in the night. The moment I started taking weight loss pills in the morning I found that my energy would peak around afternoon, in time for my 15-minute exercise routine. I would then sleep like a baby, no sleep difficulty at all, as energy levels would wear off by the time I hit the sack.

Fast Forward to Today

As I said in the beginning, my concern before taking weight loss pills was whether I would be able to keep the pounds off once I went off weight loss pills. After three months of taking it I stopped for 1 month and a half to see whether I would regain weight or not.

Turns out I managed to keep the lost pounds at bay, although I must confess I did make sure to not overeat and I kept exercising twice a week. Last month I started taking weight loss pills again. Not because I gained my weight back, but because I wanted to lose an extra 10 pounds and I knew with weight loss pills I could do it safely and in time for summer.

I’m currently already half way there, I’ve lost an extra 5,28 lbs during this month and I have another 5,7 pounds to go. As with the first time I took Weight loss pills, I can feel my energy levels have improved and my appetite cravings slightly but perceptibly reduced.

Final Verdict Would I Recommend Weight loss pills?

This has been my experience with Weight loss pills Initially I just thought it’s a big marketing hype in the UK but my own weight loss result with Weight loss pills was more than satisfactory, so I’d definitely recommend Weight loss pills to my friends and loved ones because I know firsthand it works.

It helped me lose 24 pounds in three months and keep them off. And recently, I’ve lost an extra 5,3 lbs and I’m still on the go.

It might be common sense but many forget how certain products that work for some are entirely useless for others. Weight loss pills is the one that works for me, over many other supplements that I’ve tried and have failed me. If you feel Weight loss pills is what you need to lose weight, read further on where to buy Weight loss pills.

Weight loss pills Pricing and Delivery

I advise you to order Weight loss pills from the official manufacturer and vendor, www.weight loss pills.com. This will ensure your transaction is completed with safety and that you’re not being fooled by a fraudulent manufacturer. For the real thing, order from Weight loss pills.com.

There were no rebills, my credit card was billed only once for the purchase.

There are many cost-effective deals running at the moment. I personally opted for the 1 month supply the first time I bought Weight loss pills, but for my second order and since I was certain of its efficiency, I went for the 4-month supply. For £89.97 you buy three packs and get one for free.

A one-month pack of Weight loss pills costs £29.99 while a two-month supply costs £53.98.

I’ve tried 1 pack initially but that was not the best decision since I could save a ton of money buying 3+1 pack for £89.97 and there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee available only on official website, so if you don’t like the product, you can return unopened packages back and get your refund.


My delivery came pretty fast as I live in the UK. Both of my orders took about a week to be shipped to me.

For European countries the estimated delivery is 15 days and around 12 for the rest of the world. The shipping fee is rather small, UK: £3.95, Europe: £7.95, and for all other countries: £9.95.


While I was suspicious at first, I did give it a try and it proved to be a wise choice.

Today, I feel confident and 30 pounds (2 stone 2 pounds) lighter. My current weight is 116,6 pounds (see pic above). I feel the real difference since my self-esteem has improved and I feel now less conscious of my weight, as I know the solution.

I’m grateful a friend of mine urged me to give it a try and I hope I will encourage you to do the same as well. Good Luck!